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[Music] what’s up guys Ryan here so this is an introduction to KDP Kindle direct publishing which is Amazon’s self-publishing program for authors now you don’t actually have to be an author to sell and make money through KDP this has gotten a lot of buzz in the print-on-demand industry because you can actually sell like blank notebooks and blank journals and blank diaries and whatever use your imagination essentially print-on-demand savvy people realized that we could just design covers to books and call it you know the tenth birthday diary and put it for sale on Amazon and because so many people go to Amazon to buy things before you know it people are making money and very similar to Amazon merge you essentially enroll in the program upload your designs in this case there’s a couple extra steps like uploading two KDP it definitely takes longer than any other print-on-demand platform I’ve used but it’s definitely worth it and just paid out a royalty so it’s all profit with it basically no it’s all upside there’s no downside in my opinion at least and the intent behind this video is to be an introduction to KDP I plan on following it up with more KDP content in the near future but this one’s just for like those of you that are savvy to print on demand you know that you know you know what print on demand is and maybe you’re selling for an on demand for instance on Amazon merch or printful and Etsy which I’ve put out a decent amount of content on my youtube channel about but like I always preach the more online real estate you occupy with regards to selling things the more money you make so if you create a nice-looking design and you upload it to Amazon merch and you put it on standard t-shirts and hoodies and maybe a pop socket that’s great you’ve created three product listings with that design for sale on products go ahead and upload it to you know printful and Etsy using the print flats the integration upload it to red bubble right if it makes sense you should upload it to KDP and sell a you know depending on what the design is maybe sell it on a journal for instance I mean it’s not the the low-hanging fruit is really to sell it on a blank journal and that brings me to the next point like what is what are you actually selling with KDP so when I say blank journal when you upload to KDP what you actually have to provide is really two things it’s a cover which is where the print on demand kind of designing comes in and I’ll show you an example in a second but also you have to upload the interior and the interior in most print-on-demand seller’s case is just gonna be blank it’s it’s not blank you don’t want to upload completely blank pages but it’s oftentimes just like a notebook you know you have the lines for people to write on and you call it a journal but the lines are empty right so I don’t know if that was Amazon’s intent when they started Kindle direct publishing I’m assuming not pretty sure they intended for people to write books and then self-published their books for sale online but people like I said it’s the same thing with Amazon merch when Amazon merch was released it was intended to be a part of Amazon’s I believe their app store for people to sell branded merchandise for their apps that they were selling on the Amazon Appstore which I know is not very popular but it does exist and before you knew it people realized that they could publish designs for sale on t-shirts to and make crazy money I mean it used to pay out big-time royalties in the early early days and then since they’ve just been gradually cutting back the royalties over time they’re also you didn’t use to be upload limits and by the way speaking of Kindle direct publishing I’m kind of all over the place right now I apologize I didn’t really plan exactly what to talk about but there are no upload limits right now and when you upload to Kindle direct publishing KDP it takes they say less than five minutes to upload if it’s your first couple times it’s gonna take longer but it’s usually after you upload you submit they all go to manual review but within about 24 to 48 hours it will be hopefully approved or you’ll get some feedback and if it’s approved it’ll be made available for sale on a bunch of different amazon marketplaces so unlike Amazon merch where you upload to you’ve used one upload slot and it’s only available there with KDP you’re making it available to customers in the United States Canada UK Germany India France Italy Spain Japan Brazil Mexico Australia and more and more so I mean they’re gonna keep expanding this so you’re probably wondering how do you apply so all you need to do is go to KDP I’ll put a link in the description there’s no catch you can apply for free I always recommend applying to these Amazon programs from an email address associated with an Amazon account that either has buying or selling history just so there’s as few red flags as possible with an approval process and once you apply I’m gonna close out of incognito here you will see a dashboard that looks something like this all right this is your bookshelf now when you first get in yours will be empty and you won’t see anything under your books and the way that you can create your first book is you click the little paperback plus sign you don’t want to sell blank books on Kindle imagine if you have your little Kindle tablet and you just bought a blank book you’d probably be kind of angry and probably return it pretty quickly so we’re gonna sell paperback books and I’m not gonna walk through the upload process in this video I’m gonna you know space out these videos but I will walk you through it in the future and this right here is one that I put together yesterday as a part of a demo I called it to new beginnings and this is the Amazon listing that it created on the front end on Amazon and this is the design that I created very very simple a background image that I had the rights to use put a black overlay at about 50 percent opacity white text with a drop shadow on top that said to new beginnings I thought that sounded clever for a journal and the cool thing is you can kind of see the background image with that bridge but you know you can swap the background images out and make a bunch of different covers and upload them as different product listings and I’ll again talk more about this in different videos the upload process it does take a little while when you’re going through for the first time and again that approval process can be pretty tedious it can take between 24 to 48 hours also I should mention that they’re the very like last step of the upload and and listing creation process I can take like five to 15 minutes for this last step I’ll put a video together at some point but I’ll definitely cut that part out because it just takes so long but anyways one thing to note about designing KTP cover files is if this is kind of complicated so I’m not gonna talk about it too long because I’m gonna do another video where we go in-depth but you have to create them as PDFs alright so that’s a little bit different than what we’re used to with print-on-demand where we’re used to creating usually PNG s in this case it’s a PDF file and this size matters okay the size of your cover and the size of your interior file those are the two files you need to provide Amazon the rest is just like listing optimization like title subtitle author description keywords etc the usual stuff there but the size of your cover sorry the size of your cover and size the interior vary with the size of the book now when you upload to KDP you get to choose what size paperback book you want to create and as you would imagine like think about this in real life like if you create a six six inch by nine inch notebook the actual piece of paper that makes up the cover if you had to create a paper cover for it would be a different size than if you created an eight and a half inch by 11 inch notebook right completely different sizes therefore the files we provide two M’s on need to match that and when you’re doing these cover designs there are certain areas that you do not want to design on alright and what you see here is a rule that when I’m in Photoshop I put this over top of my design so that I know that space is not safe to design on because there are certain restrictions if you’re gonna upload two KDP like they’re gonna put a barcode on your design and they can’t remember if they place anything else off the top my head right now but for instance like you have to leave a space for the barcode you can’t design in that space and there are various tools for things like getting interiors so this is called tangent dot rocks this website and they do things like we it’s a paid membership but once you pay and get in you can download interiors for your kindle direct publishing books you’ll have to provide like the trim size for instance like six inches by nine inches and then also page count page counts variable and that also factors into the size of your interior and your title because think about it like a five page book is super thin okay even if they’re the same trim size write a six inch by 9 inch book with five pages is thin but what if that 500 pages all of a sudden it’s much wider so all these things are variable don’t worry about it sounding complicated my intent is to demystify these things for you with this series of videos that I’m planning but if we say six inches by nine inches one hundred and twenty page count yes bleed and then you can click download interior and this interior will be 120 pages actually the interior will not vary with the number of pages only the number of pages will vary but your cover will vary in size and there are other tools out there that can help you is this it did I not open it up I don’t have it open right now but there are other tools out there that I will show you in other videos that you can use where essentially you input that it’s a six by nine inch trim 120 pages and they will dynamically generate this rule for you for you to design your covers in Photoshop so essentially what it really means is like setting the canvas size to the right thing in Photoshop and then not designing where you see the red in this case and they’ll do it for you dynamically that means that if we came in and change this to 240 then we can go to that other tool change that to 240 and likely what will happen is this that we see right here in front of us will get a little bit wider in the spine which is in the middle there that’s the books fine we’ll get a little bit wider so these are just things to keep in mind what I would recommend as a beginner approach is to just be consistent with the trim size that you’re designing for and the page count that way you can focus on just creating nice designs and getting used to uploading and you can upload the same blank interior time and time again and you know introduce more variables down the road such as different interiors or different book sizes or different page counts but when you’re just starting off keep it simple you know six inches by 9 inches works great 110 or 120 page count somewhere in tho that range looks great it sells well for just blank journals and this tangent templates if you choose to get a subscription I’m not sure if you can find where’s journal journal paper so you can see here it’s just got a line up top for like a date or a name both and beneath that just the page body and again set your trim size your page count and download it and then you’re good to go when you are uploading to KDP again you’re just gonna need this and you’re gonna need your cover they’re gonna need to be again in the right like dimensions in size and from there you’re gonna be good there are definitely like things you’ll need to know or you’ll want to know about the upload process that I plan on covering in future videos also I’ll show you some really cool tools that in this case this is one that my friend at Murch Titans created where you can set your cover size and your page count so those are the two variables again associated with creating your book covers but what you can do here and this is a free tool is upload your Amazon merch or other print-on-demand designs set a background color and then you can convert them to Kindle direct publishing PDF covers so you can take all your existing inventory for Amazon merch run it through this tool again it’s free no catch download them as PDFs and then if it makes sense too because not all them are gonna make sense to all so I’ve found that with KDP I mentioned that there is a manual review process for every design if you don’t have text on the cover it’s not a hundred percent like that you’re gonna get them through and approved whereas if you have text on the cover or some sort of you know something that’s predominant like that’s if it’s like a picture of a duck or something then maybe you can get away with saying duck the duck journal you know but you know that’s the only thing I’ve mentioned but yeah so tools like this exist where you can take your Aegis in inventory convert them to book covers and also you can advertise through Amazon marketing services from Kindle direct publishing all you have to do is come to your dashboard click the dots and then hit promote and advertise so I may or may not do a walk through about how to advertise I’m thinking about doing like a mini course on Kindle direct publishing where I would definitely cover that but unlike Amazon merge where a lot of amazon merge people are hitting me up asking me how to get into AMS Amazon marketing you essentially need to get the invite or the invite code you know for a period of time it would show up at the on the bottom of your merge dashboard and then they stopped doing that for whatever reason but with KDP if you go to promote and advertise takes you here set your market click create an ad campaign and then it’ll take you over to AMS the only thing is you can only advertise your KDP books it’s not gonna unlock a mess for you to start advertising your merch products unless something changed so anyways guys I’ve been talking for a while this was meant to be just a broad introduction to KDP if you stuck with me till the end of this video go ahead now that it’s over go to KDP and apply alright get in get your account started and then stay tuned for my next few videos where I’ll walk you through the design and upload process so you can get your first couple books published on plus all those other international marketplaces as well which is there’s no catch by the way it’s super easy it’s even easier than Amazon merge to go international with your books so anyways guys hopefully this video helped I remember when I had first heard about KDP was like trying to figure out what was really going on I was looking for a good like all-in-one tutorial and you know my intent is to kind of produce a little bit of a series here on my youtube channel walking you through kind of from step one which was meant to be this video which is what the heck’s going on what is KDP to actually getting your books uploaded and then potentially even touching on you know my friends at merge site ins they do have an automation tool for KDP the KDP upload process is the bulkiest most tedious upload process for any print on demand platform that i’ve ever seen so if you were ever gonna try the Automator it’s probably this is probably the best time to do it but we’ll save that for another video anyways guys thank you for sticking with me till the end if you like this video if you found it helpful please hit that like button and go ahead and you know let me know if you have any questions in the in the comments section or if you appreciated this video and you have any suggestions for what to do a second video on related to KDP please let me know I’ll read all the feedback and I’m looking for video ideas so it definitely helps me out as well and I’ll see you guys at the next one [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music]

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