BE AWARE of “Olx Mobile” Frauds | Flipkart Mobile!

I was thinking of buying iMac Pro from a long time. When it wasn’t even launched There were some news that it’s about to be launched. I wanted to buy it anyhow. But it was launched , it was worth 10 lakh 5-10 lakh , i was like no i don’t want to buy this :p after that Something happend few weeks ago. My cousin himanshu, you may have seen him in my video. He sent me a link of imac pro.  There imac pro was around 75000. Now my brother is good in olx. I asked my brother should i take this ? He was like i’ll get this in 60k When i asked that person who offered imac at 75k I wanted to know the duration of that product. They said , 3 year warranty will be given to me. And the specifications that imac pro(75k) had was same as of 5-10 lakh I was shocked. But at the end i saw loopholes. They asked me share my whatsapp number. Then they were like They don’t live in delhi while in there profile it was Nehru place , delhi I even told them that i can pick the product from their place. But they said they live in US. And product will sent from US. Cash on delivery was there too. I was confused should i buy or not 3 year warranty , New imac pro in 75000. I wasn’t sure whether they’re genuine ornot. But after that they asked me pay a small amount Delivery charges. and i asked them for the charges . It was 7000rs only/- :p See i always make videos on business model. This is a busines model too. WHy would anyone will give you 5 lakh worth computer in 75k? Think logically. I could take number of pieces from them. So from here i could to know about a fraud. Here they’ll take the delivery charges from you and boom GONE. My class student told me that i can take number of US. So that person was using number of US. I’ve shown you chats too. He was ready to negotiate. 5 lakh worth device in 75k Something was wrong right. On my birthday, 23 may My brother came to me That bro do you want to buy s9? For office. I was like why? I thought he was gifting me S9 :p I was like no need to buy s9 for office. Normal phone would be enough. But he was like no bro Brand new s9 in 14k. Brand new s9 in 14k He was like 10 days used. We talked to that seller. Now here i spotted different type of fraud He was like i can not meet you , just give me your address. and send me half money. I am in indian army. blah blah My brother we can meet you where ever you live. He didn’t agree after a little more introspection. He started fighting. I spotted another fraud. Now after some more research. This is fraud too. All the frauds from call centre They deceive clients from US. Because they are dumb. They give false information like there’s some virus in your computer. People thinka lot about their privacy in US> I don’t care if someone creates my fake profile But there they do. SO people in indian call centre target these things. In our country people try to be smart. If you see an offer of a product worth 10k in 1k , you’ll buy it anyhow. We always think like this. These types are targeting are targeting a specific type of audience. Beware of these frauds. You may feel that it’s genuine. BUt it’snot. Okay friends (dosto) with thi, video ends. I hope you liked it. Beware of this fraud. Bye Goodnight goodmorning goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video

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