Best Advice! Wants to Become an Influencer

Best Advice! Wants to Become an Influencer

– I’m one of the most popular entrepreneurs in our current society, no question. I’m like super proud of that accomplishment, I also find it intriguing that I’m probably the one that talks most about the shortcomings of entrepreneurship, and how many fake entrepreneurs there are.

I’m not getting high on my own supply. (upbeat music) Kickstarter works when your fucking idea is bomb, when you know how to write copy, when the pictures and videos are on point, when you get a whole bunch of people that build awareness for it, and it’s, you know, everything is execution. What do I think about it? It works, for 1% of the people.

It’s the same thing I think about entrepreneurship, it’s the same thing I think about design and rap and fucking life. What do I think about cooking? Good idea for Julia Childs. First of all, lemme give you a good piece of advice. I don’t how, I don’t care if it’s a thousand dollars, spend 25 to 50 cents on the dollar, on whatever the fuck you’re up to, if it works then spend the other 50. I get emails that are heartbreaking, fucking worked my fucking face off for 13 years, sold my doughnut shop, had 130,000, started an app, bought cryptocurrency, fucking tried to be an influencer, and I’m ass out.

In seven months I fucking assed out everything I worked for, you know, be smart. Just keep making money, you know what I mean. You can get caught up in like I’m gonna invest money, it sounds good, until it’s gone. (knocking) – [Man] Thank you so much. – [Gary] Real pleasure. – [Woman] Nice meeting you.

Such a pleasure, nice to meet you. (upbeat music) Stick to your DNA instead of what looks good. People get seduced by things, and I don’t know if that’s happening to you or not.  But like the idea of like building a 100 million dollar app is like in everybody’s fucking mind.

We switched, we had been on Vendor Central, which is– – I know about it. – very good to get noticed, because Amazon controls it. They’re just buying directly from you and we switched to a third-party seller now that’s proprietary– – RPL You have to become, no joke, disproportionally educated on Amazon.

To me it’s Amazon and Facebook, more so than Google and Apple, from an innovation standpoint. I think they have a better pulse of the end consumer and the wants and needs of that end consumer.

I respect execution too much and I think that only being a speaker,  only being an author, only being a pundit, is pontificating and not doing and I love to pontificate as my extra curricular activity to my actual doing. I’m also even more excited that my pontifications come from the outputs of my doing. Very simply, I think it is a lot better to take advice from someone who’s done the thing they’re fucking talking about.

You have to understand, I’m a pure bread entrepreneur, for real, for real, like documented, lemonade stands, baseball carts, DNF student, long before this entrepreneurship thing was cool, like I was on it, it was me, it’s who I was and I lived the first 20 years of my life scrutinized by adults outside of my mom and dad, who said I wasn’t good and I wasn’t gonna make it.

Instead of entitlement I was brought up in adversity, which became my strength, I was told that I lost from the get by every adult outside of my parents, so imagine how easy it is for me to deal with adversity and negativity and trolling and set backs and pressure. It’s the fucking dirt that I come from.

Vayner Media is now in year nine, I’ve only really run it for seven years. I’ve always thought about it long-term and now it’s 900 people and now it’s hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and now it’s a big thing, but a lot of people that started companies in 2009 through 11 with me, my homes from Silicon Valley and others, even though they raised millions and millions and millions of dollars, their companies are out of business now. (upbeat music) Hi team.

First of all thank you so much for being here. Like 9:53pm on a Tuesday. This shit makes me fucking happy. Alright, why don’t we go around and just tell me anything even if don’t like stress that it might be mundane or you’re new or like whatever, like what’s on your mind, what’s interesting. – [Employee] I’m excited about Linkedin in general for rebranding you as not Gary V but more like a– – Gary Vaynerchuk the CEO, I totally agree, as a matter of fact AskGaryVee Show, let’s like build on this, let’s start getting very serious about this, I think Ask Gary V Show for the rest of the year should be the former CEO of Home Depot.

You should have seen in today’s, you weren’t in though right, no. You were watching, you saw what I did with today’s interview? I made three LinkedIn articles, right? And I did one about why reviews are broken. Your quick hot takes on reviews. – So hot takes is honestly I didn’t do what’s called 360 reviews, because I think they’re– – They’re horseshit. – They’re bullshit, yeah.  – They’re bullshit, because they are no different that you were just saying before. – [Employee] That was the one I was talking about where I could see that he was already on your rhythm, now let’s really make sure that this is the video.

On that note, let’s whoever is in, Justin, take this lead, let’s go through my CRM, you know, there’s inevitably six real business people in the Instagram VIP, like, let’s start booking some guests for AskGaryVee.

[Man] We have two in the hopper. – Former like CEO of Home Depot, good. Let’s sit here as long as we can, so we can see how hot we can get. (laughs) Does anybody need anything from me? – [Employee] Do you think your podcast content has been weaker for last seven weeks? – [Employees] Yes. – Why? – [Employee] We just haven’t done shit.

I’ve been busy. I also think that we are remarkably not creative, for example how the fuck in that world, are we not doing a Throwback Thursday episode, since I’ve put out content my whole fucking life, somebody here, fucking fresh-faced interns coming out of my ass in here, why can’t one of them watch Tuesday June 7th 2007s wine show, where for the first 10 minutes, I talked about things besides wine and maybe I made a proper prediction about Facebook and that’s an actual episode in the podcast, we could.

The one thing that I would say is, I think, the same as Andrew was saying, as a net score we’re dominant and then there’s inefficiencies, there’s procedural inefficiencies and then I think there are unbelievable, like I don’t even want to tell you, how I judge your creativity because you play within a box that you were given, which makes no sense because it’s the perceived box you’ve created for yourself.

I think we would be more creative, I think. What? Great. I’m glad you love it. But I think we need to figure this the fuck out. We should be the dominant Throwback Thursday organization in culture. And we don’t do anything, I’ve given you fuckin’ 13 years of content.

Use that audio for the Throwback Thursday episode that we put up on podcast this Thursday, there you go. Enjoy everybody on the podcast, use that audio. (soft music)

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