Blog vs. YouTube – Which Should You Start For 2021?

Hey, Miles here at This video is all about blogging versus YouTube. Ultimately, I’m going to help you choose which platform is right for you to move forward and grow your online business, because the truth  is there’s not one perfect platform. Okay? Not one best platform. You are a unique individual. Your niche is unique to you and the audience behavior. So these are the three ways we’re going to analyze this. Again, to help you really come up with the best solution for you. Now, my wife and I both have YouTube channels. We have combined something like 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, but we both have blogs and we have additional blogs that receive hundreds upwards of 800 plus thousand visits per month to those blogs. So we had experienced in both directions and really let’s start with what are you offering? Okay. What is your business? Model are you a review affiliate where you’re just going into the world of kitchen gadgets, and you’re going to review all of the best kitchen gadgets. So when someone searches best blender for family of four, you show up and you get that. Click-through also known as the Amazon affiliate model. If this is the business model you’re working on, I really don’t think it’s a choice. I think blogging is the ultimate direction you need to go because most user behavior is when we don’t know what we want to buy from Amazon, we go to Google and we look for a review site. That’s going to help us through that decision fatigue. Right. I don’t know which blender to choose. I don’t have time to choose cause I have all these kids and I have a crazy life. Therefore, I want to go to Google and I’m going to trust a content creator who has put together a. Of list and I’m just going to choose one from that list. Now, this all happens on Google, which means by definition, blog posts are what will rank on Google in that scenario. Now the other side of the affiliate marketing game is what I’ve called the transformational affiliate. And this is when you’re helping someone kind of accomplish something in their life, whether it’s, um, they want to stretch, they want to become more flexible. They want to be able to touch their toes. They want to pay off debt. They want to improve their credit score. They want to lose weight. They want to learn yoga. All of these different kinds of things open you up to both worlds and in this kind of realm, I think it does make sense for you to consider YouTube as an option versus just blogging now, different niches and different markets work differently. There’s things in this world that just need to be shown how to do. And obviously through screenshots and blogging, you can show how to do it, but let’s say you’re in the financial world. You teach people Forex trading, and you teach people how to read charts and candlesticks. This is going to be demonstrated, and this is going to be communicated so much more effectively through video than it is through blog posts. Now, how you will think about this and how I want you to think about this. Is, is there a visual component required? Is there an interaction where you need to show the differences you need to be able to scroll in and out on the time frequency you need to show the one day chart, the seven day chart, the 30 day chart, the 15 minute chart.  Um, obviously I’m getting really specific in the Forex trading thing. Uh, but that is. Requires a level of video and you could do a teaching experience on video in about 20 minutes where it probably would take hours and hours and hours to get all of the screenshots and to make all of that work on the blog. Plus you’d probably be doing charts on a regular basis, whether you’re doing weekly charts or daily charts, you’d be updating it so frequently. It just makes sense to leverage YouTube as a platform. Another example, is this channel here that you’re watching now, this particular video is what I call a talking head video, where I’m just sharing an idea with you, but many of the videos on my channel, like the DIY sales funnel or the ClickFunnels alternative video series on how to create marketing automations with your email list, I’m showing you. On my screen, you’re following along on the screen and I felt, and I have confirmation from you guys, my audience, that this is absolutely the best way for me to teach these things to you because they change all the time. And I need to explain what’s going on. And then you can just watch the video. You follow along, click by click by click. You get the transformation you wanted, whether it’s, uh, a DIY sales funnel, you build a sales funnel for free without using paying funnels, et cetera, et cetera, you get the transformational result that you desire, but it made sense for you to follow along. Now, what about like a recipe or how to cook or those kinds of worlds? You know, a lot of it could be on YouTube, right? But really, if you want to get a recipe, it’s easiest to have that recipe in written format. So it might lend itself to the written format. So how do you know within your niche? What everything is easier when everything is better and easier to communicate, right? How do you communicate your message? Go do some searching, go look at your competitors. Go look at how they’re communicating. The tutorials that you plan to teach, because obviously there’s no niche in this world that has zero competition. You’re going to be entering a space that already has creators in that space, and you’re going to outwork them out, strategize them and outlast them to essentially take over those top positions. But you want to look around and survey the landscape. What is working best? Look at not just the blog posts and how they write them out. Go read the comments on the top blog posts in your space. Go read the comments on the top YouTube videos in your space, and you’ll get a really good idea whether what you’re doing your world, your niche, is it better taught on YouTube or is it better taught on a blog? And it’s still optional at that point, right? Because you’ll find examples of both doing very well, which brings us to the third way that you need to analyze this. And that’s about you and that’s your DNA. So me, for example, Let’s rewind to my first successful business with my wife, which we started in 2010 with a WordPress blog. And my wife was off to the races, creating blog posts. She’s a writer. She loves writing. She’s really good at writing. She’s good at editing and she can work with a kind of an article or a blog post over the course of several days. And really puts together a great polished refined piece that people love, hence her blog reaching 40 million plus people. So I thought when I started in 2012, to try to create content under the Miles Beckler brand to teach you everything we did to grow her brand, I thought I had to blog. Right. I thought, well, why, if he did it that worked for her, therefore blogging is the only option. And for about five, four years, four or five years, I tried to force myself to blog. I do a 30 day challenge. I’d make maybe 10 or 12 posts, and then I just fall flat. Or I try to work on these big elaborate pose. I don’t love the process of writing. If there’s something actually writing is pretty easy for me writing a draft, I actually enjoy it’s the editing and the content editing and the reworking and the punctuation and the grammar, all of that stuff. A noise, the genius of me, I feel like there’s way more important things for me to do with my time. And I wasn’t willing to invest. In help in an editor or a copy editor, therefore I never followed through. And whether you’re playing the blogging game or the YouTube game, the ultimate key is for you to be able to follow through to the tune of hundreds, upon hundreds of posts or videos over the course of several years, because Google and YouTube are very skeptical of new blogs and of new channels. And it just takes a certain amount of energy and a certain amount of publishing. To overcome that and to become an authority. So what are you most comfortable doing week in, week out, day in, day out, month in, month out for the next three years. And you did ask yourself this. So you want to kind of do a little self analysis. Are you more of a performer? Because when I first tried to make a YouTube video back in 2016, the first video on this channel, that was not a great video, but I still put it out there. It felt. Relatively easy. Although I was uncomfortable, I wasn’t animated. I was a little awkward on camera. Cause it’s just flat out awkward the first few times you do it. Um, it sparks something. It was like, wow, I got it done. I got that idea out. So I did another video the next day. And then I got that video out and I was. It was awkward. Again, made some mistakes, but I learned from it. Then I made another video that next day I ended up doing 120 videos in 120 days. And through that process, Hey, I got comfortable with this moment of exchanging an idea with you. Ultimately I’m recording into a cell phone, right? So I’m looking at a lens and. But I’m, I’m recording in a way that you and I get to have this moment together. Um, this is not an innate skill. This is not something that anyone is born with. This happens because at this moment I’ve created about 630 videos. I’ve gotten relatively good at this process of creating content and sharing what I know through video. And that’s the ultimate key for part three that I’m trying to help you understand is what is your best. Process for communicating the ideas that you have, that’ll help your audience. Right? My goal is to help you transform your life by creating a, essentially a business engine that will support you, your family and your community, without being tied to the man, tied to the desk, tied to a cubicle that you don’t want to go to all the time. That’s a transformation. And for me, it’s like, okay, So in order to help you get there, there are 1,001 little ideas that I need to communicate with you. Okay. It’s going to take me many years to communicate those thousand one ideas. Okay. What is the medium that I, Miles Beckler am most comfortable with showing up to give you one more idea on that path. And then one more idea on that path and so on and so forth. And for me it was video. I tried to force myself to blog because I saw so many other bloggers out there and maybe you’re seeing. Video ads on a lot of other YouTube channels that are saying that this is the right way, or you got to do it that way. Or maybe you’re seeing Facebook ads that say, this is the right way. Everyone who’s selling a course to you kind of thinks that their way is the only way, but the truth is both paths work. Okay. Blogging. You can create a very successful business based on blogging. You can grow your audience. You can grow a wonderful sized email list through blogging. And you can also do it on YouTube, the real key and the overarching theme maybe I should have started with us is what are you going to be able to do for the next three years straight? What are you going to be? What medium is going to be the easiest for you to create a thousand bits of content? Cause that’s the game. So right now I’m in about video 630, and I’m chugging along to video 1000 and now I’ve got about 150, 160,000 subscribers chugging, along to wherever I will end up. Once I have a thousand videos on this channel, each video designed to help you take a step towards that transformation with that said. My wife on her blog. She has over a thousand blog posts over the course of 10 years. Don’t think that’s a lot because it’s two blog posts per week, every week for 10 years. And that blog has touched the lives of over 40 million people. It reaches something to the tune of seven or 8 million people each and every year right now, because of the content that she has put out. And it’s this residual rewards from what you publish, which is why your decision should only consider YouTube or. Blogging. And you might think, “well Miles, but what about podcasting? Isn’t podcasting one of those core content pillars that can work.” It is but podcasting has a big challenge with discoverability. There’s no great podcast search engine out there that has mass adoption. Listen, notes is pretty good, but everybody doesn’t know about it. And everybody doesn’t use that. And people aren’t searching on podcasts to get answers to their questions. Where are people searching for answers to their question? It’s Google and it’s YouTube. So you need a blog or you need a video. And the final note is miles, but shouldn’t, I do both of them. Of course you should. At some point you should absolutely have them both going. I have both going, my wife, as you heard has both going. But here’s the key. Both of them have distinct learning curves. It’s really difficult to become a content creator. Okay. You’re going to face resistance. The mental arguments, the, the doubt, the fear, the, I don’t know if this is working the chasm of death, it’s all going to come up. And if you’re dealing with that on two platforms at the exact same time, the odds of you persevering and getting to the goal, which is having a platform that attracts audience members to you every single day. Those odds are pretty, pretty low. You need to divide and conquer. You need to choose which one is going to be your starting point. So for me personally, I started with that first video in August of 2016, it felt fun and easy, and I raced to make approximately 200 videos over the course of the first year, before I ever started to take those same ideas and get them deployed on my blog. Part of it was because I was still running a business. Right. I’m running my wife’s business. This YouTube channel has always kind of been a side thing for me. This is not my main business, which is why I’m not selling you a course. I’m not pitching a webinar right now. I’m just really trying to help share freely with the world to those who are ready to take action. Everything I know about building business, cause I have a successful business, right? I don’t need to sell you a scam or a scheme. Like all the other fake gurus, I have a real business with that said I had to go through the motions of creating videos enough. To where it became fun and easy to wear. I got competent with it and to where I gained momentum on the platform, YouTube and Google are skeptical of new people because scammers and marketers have ruined everything. So you’re going to just have to flat out push through a hundred, 120, 150 of both blog posts. Yep. That’s what you need to get to in the mid term goal videos. Yep. That’s what you need to get to in the midterm goal. You’re going into the beauty niche and you’re going to teach beauty tutorials and you realize that video is absolutely the way to teach beauty tutorials. Your third beauty video is a not going to be your best video because you’re new to it. Kay. You’re still learning the process and YouTube is not going to give you a ton of reach on that, even if it was a great video, because YouTube is like, mm, I don’t know if you’re actually going to be here for six months and we have all these other YouTubers who keep showing up until you prove to YouTube or Google. The search platform that you are a creator in it for the long haul, then you start to get the reach with the audience. Then you start to get the love from the algorithm. And that’s when you start to see your audience compounding. When I was doing my video challenge, 120 videos in 120 days, that’s four months of banging my head against the wall. Learning this video game is very difficult to do that much content in that timeframe. I ended up with about 450 or so subscribers. And most people look at that like, Oh my gosh, Four months of just amazing amounts of work and energy required. Those results don’t add up, but I stuck with it. And then it hit 10,000 at year one 30,000 by year two. At this point, I’m a little over four years in and I’ve got over 150,000 subscribers and it is a very lucrative and successful business. And my channel is growing faster now. Than it was back then, and I’m doing less now than I was back then. This is the power of partnering with a search platform long-term which is why, again, your choice, his blog, or your choice is YouTube. The blogging world, Google gets more searches. Google has more. People on there, but the video world has a suggestion engine and they both have their unique ways of essentially helping you grow your audience. But the one truth remains on both platforms. And this is the truth that underlies everything about success online in your business. If you don’t continue to show up and create hundreds of posts or videos over the course of the next year, and then carry on creating another hundred or two posts or videos over the success of years after that. The blog and Google and YouTube will not trust you. They will not display your blog. You will not make it out of that proverbial sandbox that people talk about. And you have to build trust in the platform, which is why it ultimately comes down to what are you most comfortable with when I unlock that, I really actually enjoy this moment of making videos for you. It became fun and easy to teach what I know, right. Everything changed for me. And I began finally marching down that path to success with the Miles Beckler brand that you’re kind of observing at this point in time, my wife, on the other hand, when she realized that she could write blog posts focused on keywords, and then eventually they would drive traffic and we could grow a list off of it. She went all in and she created hundreds upon hundreds of posts. Every year for the first several years to the tune of over a thousand posts within 10 years. And that’s why that website is so successful. At some point on that journey, about four years in, she was like, Hey, maybe I didn’t enjoy creating a video because she already has all of this momentum on the blog. She has her processes dialed Google looks to her as an authority. Blogging is fun and relatively easy for her. So she took on a new challenge of YouTube that now she’s really competent and really good at that as well. I took the inverse approach. I started with YouTube to get comfortable with the process of publishing content, to go through all that mental stuff, of becoming a creator and to prove to one platform that I’m here for the longterm. Once I started gaining momentum on the YouTube platform with a YouTube search engine, and then things started to really work and my momentum. And it got fun and easy. It didn’t take me four or five hours to make a video anymore. Took me an hour to make a video. So those other three hours that it used to take me to make a video. I started deploying those to get the same ideas onto my blog. I started with YouTube. I transitioned to my blog. Both are firing and working wonders. My wife started on blogging and then she went to YouTube. Both are working for her. It worked wonders, both approaches work. If you are interested in podcasting, you want to just make sure you’re putting it on YouTube. Treat it like a YouTube game. The audio only version of the podcast. Is great run with that, but make sure you’re optimizing it and treating it like a YouTube channel. Even if it’s just an image that you make a video out of with the audio behind it. That’s the real key. If you have any questions about this, let me know, get at me in the comments. I’m happy to answer and help where I can. The ultimate number one thing I hope you took away from this is start creating. Choose one that you think is going to work for you. You think it’s going to work for your niche. You think it’s going to work for the audience and go, go, go. It is a race to hundreds of posts. You’re going to need to be publishing content. For several years on end. So get started if you haven’t started your blog yet, and you want to start that, go to up on the top navigation, how to start a blog. It’s a free tutorial, shows you how to start your blog so we can eliminate all the tech stuff. It’ll start it and connect it to Google. So when you start publishing, Google picks up post number one, it’ll speed up your path to success. Any questions, comments like subscribe, hit the bell. Do what you do. I appreciate you. I look forward to connecting with you on the next video until we meet again. Be well

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