Start a computer repair business !

Start a computer repair business !

hello welcome to basic computer help in this Article I’m going to continue on you want to start a computer repair business and I’m going to actually. Do this one up more on what you really shouldn’t do if when you become a computer attack as some people know I had a computer issue.

Just a couple weeks ago I had to send my Toshiba computer in for warranty. Work so hard drive failed so I sent it in you know it’s only two months old, so it was under warranty they then sent it back to me by only reinstalling the hard drive up reinstalling the operating system the hard drive was never touched they pretty much went oh we were able to boot into it so he just reinstalled.

The operating system that fixes all hard drive problems important to know he said all hard drive problems and that kind of made me a little mad cuss also in the repair report it said that the problem was in the customers head more or less so when I called them back because the computer at the time was running extremely slow.

I was pretty much insulted and everything else by Toshiba what they had told me was stuff like if you were no he went we also we did was reinstalled the operating system that fixes all computer problems so I then asked him why it was taking five six even seven minutes to load an empty folder I believe I timed it and the longest it took was the my pictures folder and it took it about nine minutes thirty seconds and he said the reason that the hard drive is being so slow.

The reason your computer slow it retrieving these files is because there is a buildup of voltage in your battery in your processor

Which if you do electronics even as a hobby you’ll learn that pretty much what he said is along the lines of your computers about to explode not actual violent explosion but your computers about to pop as processors really don’t do too well at extreme over voltage and lithium-ion batteries don’t do well at all they tend to swell up and blow up if they’re even if they’re just a half of all overcharged so when he said that I got a little mad and I think he knew that and he started pressing.

That I went that doesn’t happen I’m a computer tech you know that stuff shouldn’t happen especially with the amount of money I paid for the computer and he went at one point he said if you were a real computer tech you would actually know a lot of this stuff you would actually know what I’m saying is true you know the stuff he’s bullshitting me the whole time which of course the second he said if you were a real computer tech I went irate my blood pressure was probably super super high after people come walking into the room to see what I’m yelling about I’m still on the phone with Toshiba guy at this point I go well you know the amount of business I send to you guys.

I used to recommend Toshiba for everything I’m not going to do that no more and I’m not going to buy any more Toshiba products to in which the service techs said well guess what that’s what you have to do then you didn’t say the well guess what part he said well that’s what you’ll have to do that to Andrew H and hung up the phone I did wind up calling him a little bit later and got an actual tech not not in a tech that knows what he’s talking about but somebody who didn’t fan the flames now what you should never do is when you get a customer is a little mad well you should never Saul your customer at all if you know they’re not a computer tech you don’t say stuff like that but I used to work in the automotive industry.

One of my clients now it it works in the automotive industry he’s a mechanic I if I ever thought he wasn’t a real mechanic I would never say that because that kind of infuriates people especially when it’s their profession and they take pride in their profession like I do actually you know and that’s just bad bad etiquette square around you know I wound up leading the club Toshiba total three times that day to get anybody to do anything because the second guy pretty much just went oh I gotta send this up to a higher tech guy but they’re not available so we’ll have them call you back and then we wound up hanging up and then my computer stopped working and it couldn’t read the hard drive again and so if you have really good customer service chances are you’ll be able to spread your business just by word of mouth alone all of my residential customers pretty much are how I got spread so far as far as I have now is they went they told their friends and then their friends called me and then they wound up telling.

Their friends you know well in some cases family as well I’ve even gotten a few business contracts this way and if you ever screw up and it does happen deal with it the best way you can a couple years ago I had a problem in which I work I did some work with a non-profit and I had to install a printer on I’m going to have to say they’re like 10 or 20 computers and one computer I forgot one computer that was it I just forgot one and you know the guy called me back I can’t get to I can’t get the printer to work on this particular computer just this one so I went I went out there and found out I screwed up I went you know it I screwed up this is no charge so you know that helped spread my business to the nonprofit told a lot of the people they work with I would say what nonprofit it is but right now they’re going through a name change I’ll see what their new name will be if they change it or whatever it is and then I’ll probably make a video on it so I hope this helped you and you can know that not to make a customer irate I can’t recommend.

Toshiba right now just based on the fact of how hard it was for me to get warranty work done the fact that I was insulted when I had to have warranty work done if you ever insult your customers pretty much just guarantee they’ll never spread your business you’re going to have to pay to have ads put in the papers you’re going to have to pay for Google AdWords you’re going to have to pay to put signs up you’re going to have to meanwhile for me in the last several years just on word-of-mouth by having good customer service I have managed to spread my business and I’m working on doing other things to spread it even further so yeah I hope this taught you some some things okay alright so until next time have a nice day

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