How The Computer Science Internships Work ?
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How The Computer Science Internships Work ?

Could you explain how the internship module works and do students get support when they’re applying for an internship? I think most students understand that it is a competitive process like a job and can students get internships in Ireland and abroad?

So, the internship module that is part of the Computer Science and the Computer Science with Data Science majors is a 15 credit module that runs in the second half of the second semester of third year. Students do get support, they get support within the School of Computer Science, there’s two internship managers in the College of Science that help students prepare their CV, prepare their application letter, prepare for their interview and they provide lists of the companies who are offering internships. Students then have to apply by themselves, and it is a competitive process.

So the support that the university gives is in the preparation of the students. But it is up to the student themselves to apply for the position and then to do the interview. Can students apply outside of Ireland? Yes, they can. So if you know of a company that is offering internships and it happens to be outside of Ireland, then once it is approved by the College of Science, then it’s fine by us. And John, alot of students were asking for examples of companies where students have secured internships and what type of industries do graduates work in?

So the range of companies that students go to for their internships is really very similar to the range of companies that students go to for jobs when they finish their degree. So for example, many of them will go to your standard, traditional computer companies like Google or Intel or Salesforce.

They’ll go to other big Irish based multinationals such as Kerry Group. Many of them will go to work in the financial sector so for example, Bank of Ireland, AIB, Mastercard, Liberty Insurance. Many of them will go to work for some of the consultancy companies such as PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, Accenture, some of the more specialised software companies such as First Derivatives or SAP and even companies such as Jaguar and LandRover which might be a bit surprising but they also have their computing requirements and they’re keen to take on computer science interns.

Thanks John. For students who might be interested in doing study abroad, are there any international study abroad opportunities? So the university has loads of international study abroad opportunities.

The university is a member of a number of international consortia of univerisities and it also has a number of bilateral arrangements with individual univerisities or university groups. Such as for example, the University of California, University of Washington, University of Texas, universities in Singapore, New Zealand, Australia.

There’s also the opportunity to do an Erasmus programme which is an exchange within Europe. Now for an exchange within Europe, there may be language requirements that you might have to satisfy, but the opportunities are there. We also have a programme in China, in Beijing and many of our students have chosen to spend their final year in Beijing. Now they can either spend one semester or two semesters.

Normally, they’d spend the entire year in Beijing. For most international study abroad opportunities, students will go abroad in stage three or third year and again they can go abroad for the first semester or for the second semester or for the entire year. If they go abroad for one semester, they earn the equivalent of 30 credits on their stint abroad.

If they go for the entire year, they’ll get the entire 60 credits so it doesn’t involve spending any extra time on your degree. The time you spend abroad will count towards your degree without having to spend any extra time on it. Thanks John so definitely lots of opportunities for studying abroad and applying for internships. Thank you.

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