Lifelock Review – Year review of Lifelock – Is Lifelock the best identity theft protection?

LifeLock this is my one-and-a-half year review of lifelock should you get it is it a scam is it worth it why do I have it why am I going to keep it let’s do this what we do here just go back back back back what’s up everybody this is my lifelock review I’ve had life locks since September of 2017 the reason why I ended up getting lifelock back in September of 2017 was due to the Equifax security breach which affected 143 million Americans whenever that happened Equifax put up a page on their site where you could go and check and see if you were a victim of the breach or not my wife actually went did it it said hey thumbs up you’re good to go and mine came back and said you might be affected now the funny thing about that is Equifax actually redirected you to a page which gave you credit monitoring by Equifax for one year for free the catch was you had to give them your credit card so once your free year was up they were just gonna auto bill you on your credit card which after just having a security breach of a hundred and forty three million Americans I thought to myself you know what maybe I don’t want you guys monitoring my credit after all so I reached out to a good friend of mine who’s a lender and I asked him hey what do you recommend for this and the first words out of his mouth were LifeLock I do want to let y’all know down in the description I do have a link for 10% off of your first years worth of lifelock it is an affiliate link so if you click it it does help the channel but anytime life lock gets rid of the 10% off for the first year I’ll put a new link down in the description below and let you guys know so right out of the gate my main reason for getting lifelock was because of that potential data breach that I might have been affected and I initially thought of life lock as a company that truly just monitored your credit and if something popped up they would basically Nix it but in all reality it really kind of to my knowledge doesn’t actually work that way in fact your bank is more likely to catch a fraudulent charge then life lock is the real power of lifelock in my opinion is the fact that it’s an actual insurance policy so even all the way down to their $10 a month plan it’s a 25 thousand dollar insurance policy essentially victim of identity theft LifeLock will actually reimburse you up to $25,000 for lost or stolen funds on that $10 plan if you go with a $30 plan it’s up to a million dollars in coverage it also cover a million dollars in expenses on the $30 plan I think on the $19 plan it’s a hundred thousand dollars and then on a ten dollar one it is $25,000 now all three of those plans also include a million dollars of coverage for attorneys and expert fees so should you have to go to battle to prove you are who you are and to get those funds back you’re covered on any of the plans for up to a million dollars for the attorneys and expert fees for me that’s where the real power of LifeLock comes in in the year and a half that I’ve had LifeLock I’ve actually only had one thing happen and it really wasn’t all that bad and I got stopped immediately  apparently someone tried to actually change the address on my bank account and LifeLock spotted that said hey was this you I told them no they contacted the bank problem was solved other than that one event I pretty much just get multiple false alarms from LifeLock every single month and buy false alarms I mean I get alerted for transactions that I’m actually doing on my own and typically it’s my car payment and when I pay myself through my business I overpay on my car payment every single month and every single month LifeLock says hey was this you did you make this payment to this company so if the login tell it yes I made this payment and then it just goes away lifelock is like okay cool so I do wish that there was a way on items like that for me to tell it hey this is actually me stop alerting me and maybe there is I just haven’t found it yet but it is a little bit annoying it also kind of lets me know that they are working on my behalf I guess and the same thing goes I pay myself the same amount of money every single month from my business checking to my personal checking and every single month they alert me about a day after I make the transaction hey was this you that transferred these funds in which case I log in I tell it yes and the grand scheme of things it’s really not that big of a deal they send me a text message they send a push notification to the LifeLock app on my phone and I just open it up and tell it yes this transaction was me so when it came time to choose the plan but the 10 20 and the $30 plan I ended up going with a $30 plan because it had the credit monitoring once a year they actually give you your full-blown credit report from all three bureaus and then every single month they update your score with Equifax on the Vantage 3.0 scale I realized that Vantage 3.0 is not the typical scale that lenders use however I do have two other accounts one with Bank of America and another one with American Express and both of those are on the FICO 8 score and my score is usually only about 10 points off between all three of those so just as a little side note for anybody curious if you’re getting your credit report pulled with the Vantage 3.0 score it seems to be fairly accurate as far as what the actual FICO score is the other main reason why I decided to go with the larger of the two plans the $10 plan doesn’t come with this but the larger two plans actually come with the ability to link your bank accounts to LifeLock so that way they can monitor everything now there is one annoying feature which is it never seems to fail once a month one of my bank accounts for whatever reason I don’t know if it’s on life locks and/or the banks and it seems to get disconnected then you have to go back in give it your credentials they call you with a code you enter in the code and it reconnects but for whatever reason I don’t know why it seems to disconnect at least one account once a month that I just then go back in and reconnect it so just as a side note if you’re not already doing this I highly recommend using credit cards for all of your purchases the reason being is that you’re way more protected using a credit card versus a debit card a debit card is basically just instant access to your checking account which most of people that I’ve known that I’ve had identity theft are people that use their debit cards all the time instead of using a credit card now I’m not saying to go out and finance things on a credit card I’m saying get a credit card and use that credit card like a debit card don’t spend more money than you actually have but use that as an added layer of protection I’ve known quite a few people that have had their bank accounts tapped into their checking accounts and when that happens LifeLock is something that you really want on your side because when your checking account gets tapped for identity theft it is extremely hard to get those fun back and some people don’t even end up getting those funds back with something like LifeLock you’re actually gonna have that stolen funds reimbursement which even on the smallest tier that’s up to $25,000 in reimbursement for me overall the big top number one reason is just that it is the reimbursement it’s the insurance it’s having the backing of that million dollar coverage for lawyers and expert fees that’s the kind of stuff that I am all about when it comes to things like insurance especially if you are a business owner we like to talk business on this channel and if you’re a business owner I highly recommend that you go out and get a liability insurance policy for your business as well as an umbrella policy on top of that no I’m not an insurance agent but those policies are so inexpensive and totally worth it to have in case something does happen now if you do decide to go get lifelock I do want to forewarn you especially on that $30 plan prepare to set aside one to two hours to actually get it all set up to link all your bank accounts to add your email addresses to it because they do offer dark web monitoring which means that anything that comes across the dark web they’re out there watching it so if your email address pops up on some site they’re gonna alert you and they’re gonna go get rid of that immediately if you have any questions about LifeLock or my experience with it please feel free to comment down below I try to respond to everybody as fast as I possibly can again if you’re interested in getting it click the link down below and definitely help support the channel also if you haven’t done so please hit that subscribe button hit the like button and I will see you in the next video and later

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