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Click to Buy Buttons are popping up everywhere, Twitter has new Buy Now Partnerships, and Facebook announces new TRP measurements. All that and more coming up on Social Marketing Cluster Facts. Welcome to Social Marketing Cluster Facts! I’m Nate Kruse from aimClear at our studio in Duluth Minnesota. Every week we’re gonna give you the social scene in five minutes or less to keep you up to date on what’s happening! So let’s dive in. As Twitter looks for new ways to expand its user base, re-code reports that an increase to the hundred-and-forty character limit is on the table. The change is being considered in a couple of different ways. One would increase the number as a whole. The other option is keeping the hundred-and-forty limit but changing how it’s measured by not including link and handle characters in the total. Either way the main question is whether or not these changes would encourage more users to join and boost the publishing of content on Twitter. However, their growth efforts don’t stop there. Twitter announced on their Business page partnerships with Bigcommerce, Demandware, Stripe and Shopify! For more than a year now we know they’ve been testing buy buttons. The announcement makes it easier for retailers to showcase products in the timeline with buy buttons next to the product. You can check out how to get started and the list of the official partners on the link listed below. N-B-C Universal reached a deal to sell ads for the Tonight Show on YouTube according to the Wall Street Journal. Google declined to offer any details on the new deal with N-B-C. They originally made nothing off Tonight Show clips, which quickly became viral. Because N-B-C made no money off the videos, pressure mounted to come to a deal for selling ads for the clips. Many traditional media organizations declined to accept ad revenue terms offered to most YouTubers. Typically, YouTube keeps forty-five percent of profit from ads. YouTube will soon make click-to-buy ads available to advertisers, Variety reports. Unboxing and product review videos are highly popular on YouTube. The new feature will allow users to buy the very same product from an ad overlay on the video. Expect to see the new feature in the coming months. A quick update for G-Plus for profiles without pictures, they replaced the well-known blue head with letters in circles. Also 3 new features were announced to Google Photos on GooglePlusDaily dot com: They include Shared Albums, people labelling and Chromecast support. Shared Albums is pretty self-explanatory. People labeling lets you uniquely identify faces in your photos. The names are a hundred percent private to the account owner. The final feature… Chromecast support allows you to cast Google Photos libraries from your phone to tablet to a Chromecast T-V-device. These last two features are available to Android users and will be coming to iOS soon. Pinterest’s CEO clarified that the site will focus on users’ happiness first, and making money second. The Wall Street Journal reports Ben Silbermann said in a keynote he wants ads on Pinterest to be relevant to users, rather than being eye-catching distractions from the overall experience. He went on to clarify that Pinterest is focused on helping people plan for their futures, rather than making a quick buck. As of March twenty-fifteen, Pinterest is valued at eleven billion dollars. Facebook is rolling out the ability to set a temporary version of your profile picture and the ability to choose up to five Featured Photos showcased at the top. Also, for the first time profile photos can be a short video to help give uses  a better understanding of who you are. Advertisers more familiar with TV ads have something to cheer about on Facebook. On their business blog, Facebook announced a new measurement for video ads more similar to Nielson ratings. They call the new measurement TRP, or Target Audience Reached. You’ll be able to measure the reach of TV ads posted on Facebook alongside Nielson ratings with TRP. Check out their blog post for more information. And for our last story, Facebook was down again on Monday for the second time in a week for nearly an hour. The Next Web reported that Skype was also down for those accounts that use Facebook as an authentication source. You could almost hear the frustrated cries from thousands of marketers across the globe. And that does it for this episode of Social Marketing Cluster Facts. You can check out the links to this week’s articles below. Check out our aimClear blog for more of what we do. I’m Nate Kruse. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Full Form of TRP – Tryptophan

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