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in this video i will show you how to download youtube videos on your pc by using free youtube download premium software now i will show you how to download install and activate this software then i will show you how to download youtube videos by this software now open link in description to download free youtube download premium software download from here don’t worry it is safe website for downloading download now extract download file by winrar install software now close software for activation till enjoying all software features extract activation file by winrar copy the content of activation file and paste it in software location open the software now great, free youtube download premium software has been installed and activated successfully now i will show you how to download youtube videos copy video link that you want to download it then paste it in the software as you seen video download link showed in the software you can choose video quality that you want from here also you can download audio only from here without video click here to download video now after finishing downloading you can play video from here or open the folder that contain the video then play it from there i wish you enjoyed watching video don’t forget to subscribe for new videos


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Hello everyone.. I’m Eleonora In this video i will teach you How to download videos from Youtube to gallery on iphone To save internet quota when you are watching videos like songs and tutorials Want to know what the application is? Come on, watch it until end! Keep on Eleonora Tan youtube channel! Don’t forget to subscribe and click the bell to turn on the notifications! The methods are: Download documents app on the App store (those who are not have Documents application) Open Youtube application Search the video that you want to download Press triple dots button in the right of video Choose “Share” Then choose “copy link” Open Documents app Click browser logo on bottom right corner Type website Click Link column long tap Paste link that was copied Well, the video title was detected immediately Choose video quality. Find the best.  I choose 480p (mp4) Click download button in the right Please wait, because that was loading It may take few minutes Click again “Download” button The better video quality, the longer the video duration, the download process will be longer Click Download button to see download details wait until finish Well, that’s done If done, click magnifier logo to see download results Click triple dots button in right corner of video thumbnail Then, click “Share” button Finally, click “Save video” button And this video is saved to gallery succesfully Well, that’s all how to download Youtube videos to the gallery on the iPhone Hope this video is useful Don’t forget to like, comment, share this video to friends and also subscribe Eleonora Tan Youtube channel to grow my Youtube channel Thank you for watching!

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